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Our  Story

It all began with an intent to help magnify impact of changemakers. We started by volunteering in non-profit organizations & passionpreneurs’ impact-driven projects. As volunteer, we would create business reviews & strategic analysis, and provide a comprehensive 3Y growth plan with key action points to help activate. From push of a friend to put a brand to what we do, we fiddled through and found our name - there about, came the birth of Flipside

Flipside is fueled by passion to change the world, one brand one organization at a time. From every changemaker we encounter, we witness the pureness in their hearts in what they do — however, their capacity to scale up their success rate becomes challenged. Either lack of business background or education to understand deeper how to run business, no connections or network support and lack of resources to scale. This is where we found a need ignored by most, yet the stronger the demand for a solution - because the better future begins with every purpose we support today.

Flipside - Flipping it from the Inside

Inspired by the genuineness of every changemaker’s heart, Flipside’s name was born with a purpose: to flip it from the inside. To magnify each of their causes, and make it our because. We believe that from flipping it from the inside, their intention and big Why’s, help them communicate stronger and sharpen their brand, the bigger impact they can bring unto the world.

The Mission

So today, we are here to accelerate purpose, and passion of every changemaker brands, organizations, and entrepreneurs. With strong passion and defined purpose, together we co-create a sustainable profit-model for their growth. We empower sustainable transformation to change the world, 1 changemaker at a time.

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